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Senior Leaders are strategy-focused, but not always aligned

Are your leaders and teams aligned around strategy…purpose…key functional areas?
Do you know how your people perceive the organization’s performance?
Do you know your leaders’ priorities?
How do you measure alignment?

Our proprietary tool, Analysis 2 InsightTM (A2I), measures alignment and more. A2I aligns leaders.

The A2I assessment was an eye-opener for our entire leadership team. It provided measurable and clear insights around the opportunities for us to improve our strategic alignment across the firm. I’m grateful for the insights this has provided us and am excited about translating the key takeaways into actions. 


Scott McCallister, CEO Prosci


Delivery Leaders are goal-oriented, but not always enabled

Are your teams set up for success?
Has the necessary sponsorship, funding and planning been put in place?
What & When
Who does what?  When?
Why & How
Do they know why?  How?
We work with leaders in companies from the Fortune 500 to start-ups, non-profit organizations, higher education institutions as well as government entities and municipalities.

Our consultants de-risk the execution of strategic activities in environments of uncertainty and competing priorities.

Graceland University used A2I to measure alignment amongst our senior leaders and discovered a high priority improvement area that wouldn’t have emerged using our traditional methods.  This discovery will greatly advance our university.  Elevate Simply was great at analyzing and helping us understand the A2I findings and how best to turn them into plans and action.

Dr. Patricia Draves, President Graceland University

During periods of hyper-growth, it's very hard for leadership teams to take the time away from day-to-day operations to assess their strategy and alignment.  Elevate Simply's A2I report was an incredible resource for VidMob during this time of chaotic expansion. In just a few minutes, we were able to identify and solve critical failure points before they became issues.

Alex Collmer, CEO, VidMob

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