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In my experience...investors just want to know, HFUII???!!!

Investors (PE, VC, Angel) are…

…pressured to make decisions with limited information.

…frustrated by surprises from portfolio companies.

…anxious about poor investment outcomes.

…concerned about their rate of failure.

…always looking for advantages.

…striving to stay relevant.

Their challenges include…

· Investment performance

· Standardized diligence

· Pipeline management

· Leadership alignment

· Stakeholder pressure

· Industry perception

· Opportunity cost

· Time investment

· Decision quality

· Strategy fidelity

They need to consider…

How good is this target / portfolio company at leadership, delivery and operations?

How do focus, capacity and capability influence the quality of delivery?

How do data, relationships and decision impact the business?

Do we need to adjust strategy and align execution?

In my experience, investors just want to know…HFUII???!!!

(How fucked up is it?)

Special thanks to Michael Moore, for helping me see that 'HFUII' is what matters, and to Keith Harrington and Carlos Antequera for the opportunity to be an LP in their GP

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