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In my experience...consultants must deliver a pathway to performance

Consultants are…

…always looking for innovative differentiators.

…focused on aligning execution and strategy.

…concerned about project failure rates.

…frustrated by copycat consultants.

…anxious about value delivery.

…striving to make an impact.

…pressured to sell work.

…struggling to keep up.

…amazing! (I’m biased)

Their challenges include…

· Pipeline management

· Standardized delivery

· Generating business

· Innovative solutions

· Recurring revenue

· Execution success

· Differentiation

· Competition

Consultants think about…

How do I measure what I have to manage?

Where do we focus first…second…etc?

How do I make the right decisions?

How much resistance will I face?

Who is my executive sponsor?

What does success look like?

When will we see results?

What is the solution?

How and why?

In my experience, consultants must deliver…

…a Pathway to Performance.

Special thanks to Terra Whipple, whose energy and passion motivate me to move outside my comfort zone, and to Eliana Castro, who delivers successful programs while being a people-focused leader.

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