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Elevate Simply’s ALIGNWELL, available at no cost through May 2020

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Due to the impact the coronavirus pandemic is having on businesses globally and the resulting need for executive teams to collaborate and align on key strategic and operational decisions rapidly, Elevate Simply is making ALIGNWELL, its C-suite strategic insight and alignment capability, available at no cost through the end of May 2020. An anonymous, 34-question, 30-minute, completely online capability, ALIGNWELL and its follow-on deep-dive analysis modules are used by senior leaders to assess and create alignment within all levels of their leadership teams and organizations, starting at the top. The insights ALIGNWELL provides around risks, opportunities and other organizational functions expedites executive teams’ tactical response time and decision-making quality.

ALIGNWELL’s algorithms create a baseline of index scores from which bi-annual and annual assessments are then benchmarked to measure progression or regression across key business capabilities over time. ALIGNWELL gives leaders data that informs the justification of where and why deployment of financial and human resources is warranted.

Investors, including venture capital and private equity firms, use ALIGNWELL to protect and manage their investments by giving portfolio company executive teams the analysis and tools to create alignment around strategy and execution. ALIGNWELL is also used by investors as part of the due diligence process when evaluating prospective investments. In addition, strategy and management consultants as well as senior executive advisors use ALIGNWELL as a leadership development and business optimization tool with their clients.

From start-to-finish the ALIGNWELL process (executives completing the survey through final report delivery to the CEO) can be done in under one week. ALIGNWELL is now available at no cost through the end of May 2020, with auto-renewal thereafter for benchmarking and longitudinal analysis.

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